Launch of National Respiratory Strategy

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Respiratory disease is New Zealand’s third most common cause of death, affecting the lives and families of more than 700,000 people, and costing the country more than $5.5 billion every year. Despite ongoing efforts from the health sector and improvements in medicine and health care, our respiratory illness rates continue to worsen.

We are in a hurry for change, and are charting a collective course for all involved to bring about change.  Te Hā Ora is the first ever national strategy to address respiratory health.

It tells the story of respiratory disease in New Zealand, and its enormous physical, emotional and socio-economic toll and it calls to action all those who fund, plan, support and deliver health services :

  • to reduce the enormous burden of respiratory disease
  • to eliminate severe inequalities experienced by Māori, Pacific peoples and low income families.

The National Respiratory Strategy recognises the collaborative effort needed across the health, housing, social and education sectors. We look forward to working together to take the first step to better respiratory health in New Zealand.

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